‘System Change, Not Climate Change’ Green Activists Call for ‘Socialist Revolution’ at COP26


Far-left climate activists called for a “socialist revolution” — supposedly to help the environment — at the “Global Day of Action for Climate Justice” protest in Glasgow, Scotland. Tens of thousands poured out onto the streets of Glasgow outside the United Nations’ COP26 climate summit taking place in the city. Organisers claimed that as many as 100,000 turned out for the Saturday demo, however, the figure has not been confirmed by police who monitored the event. The demonstration featured a cross-section of leftist activists, with the flags of Antifa and the Scottish Socialist Party being held high at the march. Two activists told Breitbart London that socialism was the answer to the alleged climate crisis, shouting out “system change, not climate change”. “We need a socialist revolution,” one of the demonstrators said, adding that the world needs to “get rid of all these capitalist bastards”. The other activist told said that “fossil fuel companies can go and drown in their fossil fuels”. He claimed that a socialist system would be a “democratic society” in which all engineers are “retrained” to focus on “renewable energy”.

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