Sweden Starts Microchipping COVID Passports in People


People in Sweden have started getting implanted with microchips that contain their COVID-19 passports, according to Newsweek.

The chip, developed by Epicenter, can store a covid passport under the skin.

“Implants are very versatile technology that can be used for many different things, and right now it is very convenient to have Covid passport always accessible on your implant,” Epicenter’s chief disruption officer Hannes Sjöblad told Ruptly.

“In case your phone runs out of battery,” Sjöblad says, referring to the COVID-passports on phones, the chip, he adds, is “always accessible to you. So of course, that’s how we use this technology today, next year we are going to use it for something else.”

But according to an article from Nya Dagbladet, Sjöblad warns that because all that is required to read these chips is the swipe of a cellphone over the body, an implantee’s information is at risk of being hijacked.

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