Sweden: Children Find Explosive Material Hidden in Sandbox

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Several children at a school in the multicultural Swedish city of Malmö discovered explosive material in a sandbox — the latest discovery of explosives in the city in recent years.

The explosives were discovered by the children at the Sorgenfriskolan elementary school, located in near the centre of the city, Sveriges Radio reports.

The principal of the school, Mickael Westerlund, sent out a message to local parents saying that janitorial staff had searched the premises of the school to see if any other material had been hidden but they did not find anything else.

Some of the parents of the children, however, have been less than enthusiastic about the incident, such as Per, the father of two boys who attend the school. “It is extremely unfortunate and bad for the whole of Malmö,” he said.

Another parent named Cecilia told Sveriges Radio: ” I think it’s dumb not to go out with more information.”

The discovery comes just under three years since a hand grenade was discovered in the Pildamma park in the Kronoborg area of the city by police, along with a cache of other weapons.

A year later in 2018, another hand grenade discovery in Stockholm’s Varby Gard subway station led to the death of a 60-yar-old man, who picked up the object not realising what it was, after which it exploded.

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