SWAT happened? Did Uvalde tactical unit respond to Texas school shooting?


Two years before the massacre at Robb Elementary School that left 19 fourth-graders and their two teachers dead, the Uvalde Police Department boasted online about having its own SWAT team.

The department posted a picture on Facebook of nine heavily armed officers with the caption “Meet Our SWAT Team.”

The unit was making visits throughout the community that day “to familiarize themselves with layouts of our local schools and businesses,” according to the February 2020 post.

But when terror came to the tiny Texas town, it’s not clear if tactical unit that seemingly trained for just such a moment turned out to respond, a law enforcement source said.

“There were so many officers, so many agencies involved,” the source said.

The state’s Department of Public Safety, which is probing the response to the shooting, is still trying to determine which agencies were on the scene and the role each played. In Texas, it’s not uncommon for multiple law enforcement officials from different agencies to respond to an incident together.


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