Swastikas, image of Hitler drawn on Jewish student’s door at Stanford

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Stanford University is investigating a possible hate crime after swastikas and an image of Adolf Hitler were drawn on a whiteboard outside a Jewish student’s dorm room, the third such incident in the last two weeks.

The student discovered the drawings Friday, the university said. It was the latest of several reported acts of vandalism that included antisemitic symbols and language at Stanford this academic year, Vice Provost for Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole said in a statement.

Brubaker-Cole condemned the incident and called it a “brazen threat to an individual student” on campus.

“We wish to be clear: Stanford wholeheartedly rejects antisemitism, racism, hatred, and associated symbols, which are reprehensible and will not be tolerated,” Brubaker-Cole said.

The university’s Department of Public Safety is investigating the incident, which spawned two reports from students in the dormitories. Because the images could have been used to intimidate the Jewish student, they are being investigated as a possible hate crime and the person responsible could be subject to legal or disciplinary action, according to the university.