Suspect in anti-Asian attack claims victim robbed, maced him

The New York Post:

The ex-con charged with stomping an Asian man into a coma in Harlem claimed the victim attacked him first — and that video of the stomach-churning assault was “a whole lot of bulls–t.”

“Nah, nah, nah,” Jarrod Powell replied when asked why he allegedly kicked Yao Pan Ma, 61, in the caught-on-camera attack on Friday. “I was maced. I was maced and attacked.”

The 49-year-old career criminal then added while being hauled into Manhattan criminal court in handcuffs, “Well, the video will tell you a whole lot of bulls—t.

“Him and a couple of other Asians maced me — robbed me.”

Powell, who has at least 15 prior busts dating back to 1988, is awaiting arraignment on felony assault charges in the unprovoked attack on Ma.

The Chinese immigrant, an out-of-work restaurant worker, was collecting cans at Third Avenue and 125th Street to help make ends meet when he was stomped last week.

The attack left Ma’s wife, Baozhen Chen, fearing her husband won’t recover from his medically induced coma — and demanding justice for the father of her two children.

“I am very worried my husband will not make it,” Chen told The Post on Sunday.

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