Suspect gets murder charge dropped in fatal alleged sucker-punch, infuriating victim’s family

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Fox 2 Detroit:

The video of Shawn Kubic allegedly being sucker-punched – by Hatum Akrawi is difficult to watch. Kubic would eventually die after this very violent act.

“It’s horrifying completely horrifying,” said Kelly Ingels, Kubic’s sister. 

“Why. My question to him is why he didn’t deserve this,” said Kathleen Zelmanski, Kubic’s mom. 

Kubic’s family experienced another unexpected and devastating blow. The second-degree murder charge against Akrawi was dropped, leaving him to be tried on a manslaughter charge. 

“Eye for an eye, I believe,” said Zelmanski. “That’s where I’m at. If that can’t happen, he should be put in prison his entire life. (So he can) never to do this to someone else again.”

That’s why Kubick’s family protested outside of the courthouse where Judge Mark Fratarcangeli made the decision. 
“For somebody to take his life like that, it’s just a tragedy,” Zelmanski. “It is more than a tragedy, it is a sin, it is repulsive. It is everything evil.”

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