Suspect Frank James was spewing racist hate years before Brooklyn subway shooting


How did Frank R. James, the apparent black nationalist arrested for Tuesday’s subway rampage, become radicalized?

The social-media rants of the 62-year-old suspect reveal a man consumed with hatred of white people and convinced of a looming race war.

“O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys,” was one meme he posted.

He’s not too complimentary about Hispanics, Asians and his own race, for that matter, and claims to have had long-term mental-health problems. The 29 victims of Tuesday’s shooting were a multicultural mix, as you would expect in a crowded rush-hour subway train. Police say James detonated smoke grenades before firing 33 shots on the Manhattan-bound N train. Police found a hatchet, three ammunition magazines, fireworks and gasoline. It’s a miracle no one was killed.

But whatever his psychiatric issues, James sounds very much like other ideologically fixated, identity-obsessed killers who have emerged since the BLM-Antifa racial movement of 2020 and the hate speech it unleashed.

Like Darrell Brooks Jr., who allegedly plowed his car into the Waukesha Christmas parade last November, and Noah Green, the Nation of Islam adherent who rammed Capitol Police last April in a quickly memory-holed attack, James espoused the rancid, racist ideology of black supremacy, once known officially as “black identity extremism,” which we have been assured by the FBI and other legal experts doesn’t exist. 


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