Suspect charged with arson in wildfire-plagued West Coast has troubling record with BLM

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Authorities along the wildfire-beset West Coast arrested multiple suspected arsonists this week, including one who appears to be a known rioter and Black Lives Matter supporter.

The BLM supporter, Jeffrey Alan Acord, 36, was arrested Wednesday in Puyallup, Washington, after being caught setting a fire in the brush along a state highway.

Speaking with local station KCPQ afterward, Washington State Patrol Trooper Ryan Burke said state authorities first encountered him early Wednesday morning when a woman called to report a man walking along the highway while holding a lighter.

Later that afternoon, they found him on the highway again, this time reportedly next to a fire that he conveniently claimed he’d just accidentally stumbled upon while searching for a $1,000 camera that he’d somehow accidentally misplaced.

Acord even began livestreaming from the scene to tell his Facebook followers about how he’d allegedly found and called in the fire.

Prior records seem to indicate that Acord’s an avid BLM supporter who’d been arrested during the Ferguson riots in 2014 for illegal possession of firearms and explosives.

“Seattle police arrested a 31-year-old man during Monday’s Ferguson protest after officers discovered a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosives in his backpack and car,” Seattle station KING reported on Nov. 26, 2014.

“Jeffrey Alan Acord was booked into King County Jail and on Wednesday, charged with possession of a concealed weapon without a permit, carrying a dangerous knife and illegal possession of fireworks.”

Here he is, self recorded, at a BLM March

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