‘Surviving Disaster’ Host and Navy SEAL Cade Courtley: I Left Hollywood Because I Couldn’t ‘Express Love for This Country’

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Former actor, TV host, and former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley says he quit Hollywood because he couldn’t fully express his love for the U.S. while working in the industry. Courtley told Fox News that being able to freely express his beliefs was more important to him than landing jobs in TV hosting and stunt work.

“I guess every individual has to make a decision,” Courtley, who now owns and operates Victory Coffeestold Fox. “What’s important to you? Being able to freely express your opinions and your beliefs? Because if you can’t do that, I can’t think of anything more un-American than being afraid of expressing your opinion and if you express your opinion in that business.”

Courtley says it felt like he couldn’t fully express his “true core values” and “love for this country.”

Courtley went from serving as a Navy SEAL to Los Angeles, where he began getting work as a stunt man in TV and films. Eventually, he became the host of his own show, Surviving Disaster, a ten-episode series that aired in 2009 that advised viewers on how to survive disastrous situations they might encounter.

The former TV host went on to blast Hollywood for discriminating against anyone who might be patriotic.

“You’re not going to be working in that business if you have patriotic or conservative values. That’s just the reality of that business,” he said. “So, I made a personal decision that my beliefs are more important than getting a pretty decent paycheck in that town and having my own TV show. And I am super happy with that decision.”

Courtley made one last pitch to Hollywood by appearing on Shark Tank in 2016 in the hopes of getting the investors to back his new business, Victory Coffees. Even though the Tankers took a pass on backing his business, Courtley launched it anyway and is still going strong.

With his new business, Courtley feels that he can speak his mind.

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