Survivalism, or ‘Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous’? Mystery Guest Just Booked All 446 Rooms At An Iconic Canadian Lodge For 65 Days

Zero Hedge:

The entirety of the well known Fairmont hotel at Jasper Park lodge in Alberta has been booked for 65 days beginning February 23. The estate is a collection of log cabins and other buildings that is spread over 700 acres. It is well known for attracting high profile guests. 

A mystery guest has booked all 446 rooms at the lodge, who has been mum about who the mystery guest is, and what the purpose of the stay could be. 

“The dates are blacked out on Fairmont’s reservation website and a call to the front desk concierge confirmed that no rooms will be made available,” CBC News reported. “Citing the four-star hotel’s dedication to discretion, officials with the hotel aren’t divulging any details, including how the unusual booking might affect staffing levels or how many reservations were cancelled to accommodate it.”

Additionally, guests who previously had reservations booked for that period of time have been told their reservations are cancelled.

A statement from the hotel read: “We have a private booking during the below dates however, as we must always safeguard the privacy of our guests, we do not share details about hotel reservations, meetings, or private events.”

Some are speculating that the hotel is going to be used to film a Television show. The booking even prompted questions to the province’s Chief Medical Officer about potential Covid precautions at the hotel. She responded:

“As we look to any decisions that we make, No. 1 is whether or not there’s any risk to the public, whether any of the activities could potentially cause spread or cause a public risk,” she said.

“And then, No. 2, as we consider any potential requests for exemptions, we also consider the broader public interest and what might be in that broader public interest. And again that’s part of these considerations as we look to this film industry framework that we’re working on.”

As we have noted, the wealth of billionaires has skyrocketed more than $1 trillion during the Covid pandemic, thanks to Central Banks printing trillions of new dollars. To be honest, we’re not surprised by the “mysterious” booking and wouldn’t be surprised if we see more gluttony, a la Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous, in the year ahead. 

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