Supreme Court dismisses petition of 2 women wanting to join Armored Corps

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Jerusalem Post:

The Israeli Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the petition of two young women who petitioned the court to be allowed to serve in the Armored Corps, ruling that the military’s plan to continue the pilot program has made the requests irrelevant.According to the court, the decision of IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi to extend the pilot program to women has made the petition immaterial. In addition, the court also threw out the petition of two women who successfully completed the initial pilot program.

Israeli media reported that the judges argued that the petitioners should finish proceedings with the IDF or file a new petition against the new pilot program.In June 2018, the IDF announced that the military had successfully completed a pilot program to train women on tanks. Two-thirds of the women who started the program finished, including four who became tank commanders. But in April 2019, the military announced that despite the successful pilot program women would not be able to serve in the Armored Corps.

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