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Do you consider yourself a liberal, moderate liberal, or a centrist, but find that some of your friends, family, or online acquaintances are behaving oddly? Are you afraid to ask any questions, or post anything even mildly political online? Do you feel like all your political thoughts are being scrutinized on a granular level? Do you often get talked down to by your peers? Are you made to feel like you need to “get with the program,” or are you ever so politely nudged by people to abandon your thoughts or questions? Do you feel like you are living during the “red scare” and that Senator Joseph McCarthy’s alter-ego doppelgänger ghost may be a friend of your friend and is likely monitoring what you say?

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions you are more than likely amongst ultraliberals. I should warn you right away that even if you are an actual liberal and voted for other high-profile liberals like Obama and Clinton you are still likely not safe. Even if you want equal pay for women, police reform, universal healthcare, stricter gun laws, the decriminalization of marijuana, and universal harmony between all humankind that will not help you.

Not even close.

Do you like to read from multiple news sources? Do you read the New York Times and The New York Post? Do you watch CNN and FOX? Do you often go to The Washington Post, The Intercept, The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, Daily Wire, and The Daily Mail for different political perspectives on what is going on in the world? If you answered yes then God help you. You are very likely in incredible danger.

Be warned… I have already been called out publicly right on my own Facebook forum page for posting articles from Breitbart and The New York Post! Apparently nothing truthful can come from these blacklisted news sources, and even if that were possible I am apparently not considered to be discerning enough to be permitted to sift through them casually any more. No one is!

Are you a liberal but you think it’s a little odd to call ruinous and violent riots, mostly peaceful? Seek help quickly!

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