Stunning video captures rare exploding meteors


This incredible video made from a series of images captures the “once-in-a-lifetime” moment a meteor explodes and then disintegrates into the night sky above a castle.

The breathtaking scene — recorded very few times on camera — was caught during an Orionid meteor shower on Saturday, October 20.

Orionid meteors occur every Autumn when the Earth is passing through the stream of debris left by Halley’s Comet.

Landscape astrophotographer Nick Jackson had gone to Clun Castle in England to shoot the 13th-century edifice in front of the night sky to make a “star trail.”

The long exposure image makes the celestial objects look like circular streaks of light swirling around the North Star as the planet spins on its axis.

But halfway through the shoot, Jackson saw the huge meteor fly across the sky behind the castle.

He said: “I immediately thought, ‘I hope that was caught in the frame.’”

“It’s very unusual to see a meteor that big. Because I was shooting the star trail, I couldn’t check the footage immediately.”

But when he got home and reviewed his pictures, he realized he had caught the incredible moment.

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