Stunning PHOTOs, Scary VIDEO – Motorists desperately try to escape while firefighters desperately fight historic CA wildfires

Daily Mail:

Tiny firefighters fighting big fire. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO …

  • Horrifying footage shows cars driving through the raging flames of the Hennessey Fire in Napa County Friday 
  • A staggering 560 fires continue to spread uncontrollably across the state of California
  • At least six people have been killed including four found in a burned down home in Napa County  
  • More than 771,000 acres have been destroyed – bigger than the whole state of Rhode Island
  • The two biggest blazes are the SCU Lightning Complex and the LNU Lightning Complex
  • These two are the seventh-largest and 10th-largest fires the state has ever seen in its recent history
  • More than 12,000 firefighters have been drafted in to tackle the fires in vain 

Dozens of wildfires across Central and Northern California more than doubled in size Friday, becoming some of the largest in the state’s history and threatening small towns in their path.

More than 500 homes and buildings have been destroyed and 43 firefighters and civilians have been hurt in the week-long scenes of destruction.  

Four people died in the LNU Complex fire in the North Bay area that has so far destroyed more than 480 homes and structures and burned more than 219,000 acres.  

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