Stunning Footage Emerges from Russia’s Alleged Airstrike on Pedestrian Targets in Kyiv

Russian forces reportedly targeted a pedestrian bridge in Kyiv, Ukraine, and multiple other cities in Ukraine overnight, which reportedly killed at least ten innocent bystanders going about their day. In what appears to be another round of atrocities conducted by Russian troops ostensibly under the military direction of Vladimir Putin, who has already been alleged to have led war crimes in his attempted annexation of the former Soviet state.

The Washington Post reports:

KYIV, Ukraine — A series of blasts rocked Kyiv, the capital, and other major Ukrainian cities on Monday morning, after a barrage of Russian missiles strikes that President Vladimir Putin said was punishment for an explosion Saturday on the Crimean Bridge.

In an attack that rivaled the day Russia’s invasion started last February, the strikes targeted critical infrastructure in cities from Kharkiv in the east to Lviv in the west, and also hit in the center of downtown Kyiv, sending civilians racing for shelter.

In Moscow, where he convened a meeting of his security council, Putin boasted of a “massive strike” using high-precision weapons in retaliation for the bridge explosion, and he warned of further strikes if Ukraine continued to hit Russian targets.


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