Study: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Grifters Rake in $1B in California

California’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” class raked in as much as $1 billion in taxpayer money in the past year, according to a new study.

The Center for Organizational Research and Education’s (CORE) study shows over $500 million in funding for staff positions, outside consultants, training sessions, educational materials, and other expansions of “anti-racist” and “anti-bias” indoctrination initiatives.

Based on responses — and non-responses — CORE estimates the statewide total is close to $1 billion.

According to the study, state agencies disclosed about $162 million in DEI funding in departments such as Water Resources, Conservation, and Fish and Wildlife.

Local governments spent nearly $200 million on the indoctrination schemes, while colleges and universities spent over $103 million, including on six-figure salaried DEI leadership positions.


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