Student journalist fired … why?

Fox News:

“…she dismissed the notion of ‘institutional racism’ in an opinion piece for a separate, conservative website.”

Syracuse University student Adrianna San Marco was fired from her gig as a columnist at a local paper, The Daily Orange, when she dismissed the notion of “institutional racism” in an opinion piece for a separate, conservative website.

San Marco, an outspoken conservative, stands by her column despite widespread backlash. In the piece published by LifeZette, she called institutional racism a “myth” and claimed statistics indicate that police do not target African-Americans.


Daily Orange editor-in-chief Casey Darnell told Fox News that his paper “has published dozens of columns and letters to the editor from liberal and conservative writers alike” but feels San Marco crossed a line.

“Dismissing the existence of racism, whether institutional or otherwise, dismisses the lived experiences of people of color, especially our black community members. San Marco’s article reinforces false and dangerous stereotypes of Black people as criminals, and dismisses that police officers kill black people at disproportionately higher rates than white people,” Darnell said.


In an email interview with Fox News’ Media Angle, San Marco told her side of the story, explained why she feels The Daily Orange limits diversity of thought, and said cancel culture has become a “central pillar of social media.”

Adrianna San Marco: The opinion piece I wrote for LifeZette titled, “Why Institutional Racism is a Myth,” garnered a lot of attention early on. My peers began calling me horrible names and threatening me the day after it was published and within two days of the story being released I received an email from The Daily Orange terminating me. The editor in chief felt my writing included “racist undertones” and instead of engaging with a differing political opinion decided it was best to fire me.

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