Strangers to Ourselves: Survey reveals how little Americans know about the human body

Study Finds:

Do you know your blood type? If the answer to that question is yes you’re in rare company, apparently. A recent survey asked 2,000 Americans about their understanding of the human body and 35% couldn’t even name their blood type.

That’s not all; 75% admit they didn’t even know that there are four different blood groups. Just 10% are aware that O-negative is the universal blood type. Another two-thirds say it’s news to them that the heart contains four valves; and only a third understand that a “fever” is when “the body temperature goes outside its normal range.”

The survey, commissioned by USANA, also asked respondents to name the average human body temperature (98.6 degrees). Incredibly, just one in three were able to do so.

These findings, of course, are quite shocking enough on their own. Perhaps even more unbelievable, however, is that 80% of respondents actually consider themselves knowledgable about the inner workings of the human body.

What about the difference between a liver and a kidney? Nearly three in 10 respondents (29%) misidentified the two organs. In fact, 33% don’t know that the human body contains two kidneys. Somehow, 20% actually believe that we’re all walking around with three kidneys.

Similarly, when participants were asked about the human body’s detox system, many wrongly guessed that the lungs (30%), heart (21%), or bones (19%) are involved.

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