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A group of teachers, former teachers, and elected officials in Loudoun County are targeting parents they “suspect” of disagreeing with their plan to teach a hateful and divisive concept about race called “Critical Race Theory.” This leftist mob have talked about infiltrating and using “hackers” to disrupt and silence parents who object to teaching CRT and even those who are “neutral” about CRT.

The 624 members on a private Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County,” are a who’s who of far left radicals in Loudoun that apparently includes the county prosecutor who was barely elected thanks to an $845,000 contribution from George Soros.

The Loudoun County Sheriff is investigating possible criminal harassment by the group, but with the county prosector involved on the side of the “woke” mob, I don’t believe the investigation will likely go far.

Fortunately, we have an alternative to criminal prosecution, but it requires us as citizens to sue those who have advocated for the harassment and silencing of parents who disagree with teaching CRT in our public schools.
I’m announcing today that my group, Proud American Political Action, will support the two Loudoun County groups who are trying to reveal the conspiracy by county employees and elected officials to silence parents. The two groups are P.A.C.T. or Parents Against Critical Theory, and The Virginia Project.

The first law suit against the most public ringleader of the far left conspiracy has already been filed with the Loudoun County Circuit Court. More lawsuits are certain to follow. 

But Loudoun County is demanding “processing” fees before they will accept the Freedom of Information requests we need in order to find out exactly which county officials are part of the harassment.

From initial requests, we know that one board member alone received or sent 400 emails regarding CRT. We need to get access to those emails to find out which are related to the conspiracy and who else is involved. But the county is charging us $72.16 for each email. We’re not sure yet how many other county employees or elected officials are involved, but with 624 members of the “secret” Facebook group, it could be dozens.

Friends, we have to hold these people accountable. If we don’t, then government officials will be emboldened to harass and intimidate us whenever we disagree with their leftist impulses. Where will it all stop? Maybe you and I will be the next victim of the “woke” mob. Or maybe our children will be the victims when parents are silenced and there is no one left able to stand against them.

Won’t you please consider joining our effort to hold accountable those who are responsible for trying to silence parents? 

Thanks for all your help, and for your ongoing support. And, please, stay tuned. There will be more exciting information coming shortly about how Proud American Political Action will be working to take back Virginia.

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