Stony Brook prof Anna Hayward blames stabbed cops for ‘murder’ of their attacker

A New York university professor is drawing heat as “anti-cop” and “blaming the victim” for condemning as murderers two Suffolk County cops that shot dead the knife wielding man who tried to kill them, leaving them with serious stab wounds.

“This was a wellness check — why didn’t they de-escalate the situation?” Prof. Anna Hayward posted on a Stony Brook Medicine Instagram update on the conditions of the two stabbed officers with its staff and Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison.

“Why did a man have to die? What about the man they murdered?” Hayward brazenly accused, using the handle “hayanna72.”

The Suffolk County officers had responded to a call that the suspect was threatening his roommate with a fire extinguisher, authorities said, on Birchwood Road in Medford on Dec. 28, when one of the men turned a knife on the officers, authorities said.

The man stabbed and seriously injured the two officers, one with life-threatening neck wounds. At least one of the cops pulled out his firearm and fatally shot the suspect in self defense, police said.

Both officers were taken to Stony Brook University Hospital for treatment. A third officer was also transported for minor injuries.


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