Our Answer to the ACLU – Stephen Miller Unveils America First Legal’s Multipronged War Against the Left

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CNS News:

“Once passed, a president has no authority whatsoever to suspend, rewrite, or nullify duly enacted law,” former President Donald Trump’s senior advisor, Stephen Miller, told CNSNews during an exclusive interview.

Miller addressed various initiatives of his new nonprofit, America First Legal, which he described as the “conservative response” to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The group has thus far has opposed the Biden Administration in cases ranging from illegal immigration to racial discrimination.

“Does a president have the authority to suspend by edict, laws that have already been passed and adopted and signed by a previous administration?” Miller asked, referring to Biden’s catch and release policies and stonewalling of ICE’s ability to remove criminal illegal aliens. “The answer, of course, is resoundingly no.”

Below is Stephen Miller’s answer to the first question, about his new organization, its purpose and its plans.

Miller: “… We are a brand new organization and the way that I summarize it for people is that we are the conservative response to the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union].

And so we saw for the last four-plus years, how every time President Trump tried to advance a policy — a lawful policy, in the case of our administration — the left ran to a court, typically, you know, in a place like San Francisco, to try to get an injunction from a left-leaning judge and stymie our ability to effectuate conservative policy for the country.

And there really isn’t any parallel to this or hasn’t been for conservatives. Of course, the most important distinction between what the ACLU is doing and what we, as a brand new organization are doing: they went to court to prevent the administration from engaging in lawful conduct; we’re going to court to try to stop this administration from engaging in unlawful conduct.

Exhibit A is the massive rush of illegal aliens being openly invited across our borders. This has never happened before in American history. We’ve, of course, had illegal immigration before and sometimes we’ve had very large amounts of illegal immigration. But we’ve never had an administration in the whole history of our country that has actively encouraged, facilitated, recruited, and resettled illegal immigrants en masse across the southern border and into the United States interior.

So that is indeed an action without precedent. It also happens to be illegal. And we are proudly serving as outside counsel for the state of Texas in a lawsuit against the Biden Administration over its catch and release policies, particularly in light of how those policies violate the government’s own pandemic rules and own infectious disease controls.

Additionally, we’re also serving as part of the legal team with the state of Louisiana and its lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s effective abolition of ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] via executive memorandum. And that’s a very important lawsuit on a lot of different levels, not just as a constitutional issue, although of course that’s the most important, but also as a matter of public safety. We’ve seen reporting in The Washington Post, as an example, that the number of deportations, despite the historic flood of the border, the number of ICE deportations reached its lowest level in April ever recorded. Almost a hundred percent of the drop-off in interior removals has been achieved by not removing criminal aliens from the country. That’s illegal immigrants that are either charged or convicted of crimes. Last year, 92% of the illegal aliens that ICE removed had criminal records. That’s an astonishing fact and it demonstrates the dire consequences for public safety of these ICE-dismantling policies. 

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