Statue of Boy Scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell …

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New York Post:

A statue of worldwide Boy Scouts founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell will be “temporarily” removed in southern England amid topplings of controversial monuments, officials said.

Amid the surging worldwide anti-racism movement, Baden-Powell, who served in the British Army, founded the Scouting movement in 1908 and died in 1941 at age 83, has been accused of racism, homophobia and support for Adolf Hitler.

Officials in the southern seaside town of Poole said the statue would be under 24-hour guard until it can be transported to a secure ­location.

“We acknowledge the differing views of the life activities of Baden-Powell and want to create time for all views to be aired,” the local town council said.

Officials hoped that the statue could eventually be reinstalled “as soon as the threat level subsides.”

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