State of Emergency in North Carolina as Andrew Brown Jr.’s family claims sheriff’s office only showed portion of bodycam (Fox Live Updates)

Fox News:

Following the criticism, authorities released a video statement saying the incident lasted less than 30 seconds

Attorneys and the family of Andrew Brown Jr. blasted North Carolina officials Monday, claiming they were only allowed to see a small portion of police body camera footage showing the “execution” of Brown last week. 

Ben Crump, the high-profile civil rights attorney who secured the $27 million civil lawsuit in Minneapolis for the family of George Floyd, said footage of the April 21 shooting lasted around 20 seconds and that Brown’s family members were allowed to view clips from only one body camera instead of multiple vantage points. 

Brown was killed by Pasquotank County sheriff deputies in Elizabeth City, N.C., during an attempt to serve an arrest warrant. 

Elizabeth City officials declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of the possible public release of body camera footage. Brown’s family and their attorneys viewed the video at the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office.

Crump, as well as attorneys Harry Daniels, Bakari Sellers and Brown’s relatives, were present.

Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools will operate on a full remote schedule for all students and staff through Friday “due to the continuously evolving state of civil unrest in our local community and under the advisement of our local law enforcement partners.”

As of Monday morning, the National Guard has not been requested and there are no curfews set in place at this time, WAVY reported. North Carolina state Rep. Howard Hunter, a Democrat representing the area, told the outlet that Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II has petitioned the court Monday for the public release of the body-camera footage.

Elizabeth City Mayor Bettie Parker said law enforcement anticipated a period of civil unrest after the release and the state of emergency order helps mobilize state and federal resources. 


  • Brown, 43, was fatally shot as sheriff’s deputies were executing search and arrest warrants on April 22, 2021. 
  • The search warrant for Brown’s home in Elizabeth City states that a drug task force had been watching him for more than a year and had confidential information from an informant about buying crack, meth and heroin. 
  • Brown was described as a drug dealer in the Pasquotank County area and had a criminal rap sheet over 180 pages long and dating back to May 1988.

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