Starving North Koreans face poor harvest due to Kim Jong-un’s weapons programme


The UN has already warned 10 million people need urgent assistance, and satellite images reveal poor crops as experts warn the dictator could become more dangerous

Starving North Koreans are facing a miserable winter following a poor harvest, experts have warned. The secretive state, which is already facing food shortages, has had a poor crop as a result of drought followed by widespread flooding. Crop analysts from monitoring group Geoglam, using satellite images, say this year’s harvest is the smallest in five years, with the so-called “cereal bowl” in the south of the country badly hit. Despite 70% of North Koreans being reliant on rations, which were cut in May, dictator Kim Jong-un continues to plough resources into his nuclear weapons programme. World leaders have placed sanctions on North Korea as a result. In August an expert on North Korea warned that Kim could become more volatile during food shortages at the end of the year.