Stars who have endorsed Trump for president

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Fox News:

Celebrity endorsements are in no short supply these days, especially for presidential candidates.

Hollywood is known for leaning left, but there are more than a handful of stars who have spoken out ahead of the 2020 presidential election and thrown their support behind President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Here’s a look at some of the celebrities that have endorsed Trump for a second term:

Punk rock legend Johhny Rotten is among those to have thrown their support behind Trump.

While Rotten — John Lydon — endorsed both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during their runs, he said he’d “be daft as a brush not to” endorse the sitting president.

One way singers show their support for political candidates is by performing at events promoting them, as Trace Adkins has done.

The country heavyweight, who appeared on the Trump-hosted “Celebrity Apprentice,” performed the national anthem at the Republican National Convention in August.

The “Cheers” alum has offered Trump praise on multiple occasions while also denouncing his opponents.

Earlier this year, Alley gave the president props on his coronavirus response, but more recently, she openly said she’d be voting for him.

“I’m voting for @realDonaldTrump because he’s NOT a politician.

Stephen Baldwin is the odd man out in his family seeing as to how his brother Alec Baldwin is a frequent critic of Trump’s, as is his own daughter Hailey Baldwin.

Earlier this month, on the same day that Hailey endorsed Biden, Baldwin took to Twitter to endorse Trump for reelection.

Roseanne Barr has been a very vocal Trump supporter since before his election and frequently voiced support for the former reality star on Twitter, but has since deleted many of the tweets, per The Washington Post.

However, the star still occasionally shows her affection for Trump, such as when she shared a photo of herself wearing a red hat reading “Trump 2020.” “2020 vision,” she wrote in the 2018 tweet.

Alley’s fellow “Cheers” alum Kelsey Grammer has been one of Hollywood’s more vocal conservative voices in recent years, and earlier this year, during an interview with BBC, he said he voted for Trump in 2016 and offered support for the sitting president.

“In terms of policy, I don’t have a lot of problems with what he’s doing,” Grammer said of Trump, per the Washington Times. “He’s a bit of a brat, I guess you could say, and that is astounding for people, especially who come from the more liberal side of politics — they’re used to being the brats and so they’ve just never had anybody come back at them the same way.”

ormer “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson has long been a vocal supporter of the president’s, as he displayed during a recent episode of the podcast “In the Woods with Phil.”

“I’m a Trump supporter,” said the former reality star, according to The Blaze. “My definition for him in two words … caustically brilliant. […] He’s rough around the edges but straight to the point. I give him an A+ in keenness and quickness and understanding, I don’t care what the situation is.”

Voight, another Hollywood heavyweight, has offered support for Trump many times throughout the last several years, including in July, when he urged Twitter followers to “vote to help keep President Trump in office.”

The “Midnight Cowboy” star reaffirmed his support for the politician in another Twitter video just days ago.

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