STAKING TERRITORY Putin’s troops raise Russian flag in Ukraine as ‘Z’ tanks lead second wave ground invasion after aerial blitz  

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RUSSIAN troops have been spotted raising their flag in Ukraine as the second wave of Vladimir Putin’s invasion. Ground forces have been streaming across the border into the former Soviet state from all sides after the aerial blitz in the early hours. Tanks, trucks, howitzers and other armoured vehicles – some marked with the distinctive “Z” – have been seen rolling in from Crimea. Other vehicles crossed the border from Belarus, with these marked with an “O”. The “Z” symbol became a distinctive image of invasion, as it’s believed to be an invasion organisation marking or to stop friendly fire. And atop a power plant in Kharkiv, southern Ukraine, a group of soldiers raised the distinctive red, white and blue striped flag of Russia. Putin had surrounded his western neighbour with some 200,000 troops along with all kinds of weapons. Fighting is raging through the country as Ukraine attempts to mount a resistance to the assault.

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