Southern California residents targeted in ‘dinnertime burglaries’

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Residents are concerned as a troubling uptick in “dinnertime burglaries” appears to be targeting communities in the San Fernando Valley.

Three cases were recently reported where intruders broke into homes between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. — a typical dinnertime hour.

In at least two cases, residents were still home at the time. Neighbors in the area are concerned about the troubling trend.

One of the victims, Tim Gaspar, said his Woodland Hills home was broken into on Nov. 13.

“That’s double-paned glass,” Gaspar said of a destroyed door. “I’m not sure what kind of tool they used to actually break the door in.”

Gaspar came home from dinner with family only to find his back door smashed in with shattered glass everywhere. His security cameras were ripped out of the walls, the rooms were ransacked, drawers and cabinets were tossed out and valuable jewelry and personal items were gone.


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