South Korea On Defensive After Secret Deal To Supply Munitions For Ukraine Exposed

South Korea is insistent that its official policy of not sending arms to the Ukraine conflict has remain unchanged, even as news is breaking of a secret deal to sell 100,000 artillery shells to the United States, who then reportedly intends to transfer them to Ukraine. 

News of the controversial deal was first reported in The Wall Street Journal. “South Korea will for the first time sell artillery shells destined for Ukrainian forces through a confidential arms deal between Seoul and Washington, a move that reflects a global scramble for munitions after months of war with Russia.”

“US officials familiar with the deal said that the U.S. will purchase 100,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition that will be delivered to Ukraine, enough to supply Ukraine’s artillery units for at least several weeks of intensive combat,” the report continues.

A US official confirmed separately to Reuters on Friday that the Pentagon indeed plans to send the South Korean-manufactured shells to the Ukrainian army, utilizing the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).

And interestingly“The official warned that news of the talks being made public could threaten the deal.”

The confidential plan being made public has already put Seoul on the defensive, with South Korean military officials asserting that the “confidential” negotiations were being conducted “under the premise that the US is the end user.”


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