South Africa: 82 Men Arrested over Gang Rape of Music Video Models at Abandoned Mine

A young woman, whose modelling agency organised for some of the Krugersdorp gang-rape victims to star in the music video, has told how she offered herself to the gang in exchange for the girls’ safety.

Speaking to the media, the woman said she was raped by three balaclava-clad men when she attempted to protect the girls from being attacked.

More than 80 undocumented suspects have been arrested in the past 24 hours in Krugersdorp’s West Village area. They are being held for contravening the Immigration Act.

According to the Sunday Times, the film crew was apparently shooting a music video when a gang of illegal miners, dressed in Basotho blankets, stormed the scene, firing guns.

When the victims tried to escape, they were encircled and raped one by one.

The woman who organised the models for the shoot said the girls’ parents had entrusted her with their safety.

“I was blaming myself, thinking that if it hadn’t been for me, these girls wouldn’t be there. I felt responsible and I wanted to take all the pain so that they wouldn’t touch the girls.

“The first person who was raped was me. The first time, they took me to the bush and the second time, they took me to a hole where no one could see us. They kept telling the younger boys to rape us and they’d hit them and force them to do so.


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