Soros-Backed Leftists to Buy Historic Anti-Communist Miami Station in Radio Shopping Spree  

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The Univisión-Televisa conglomerate has made a deal with a left-wing coalition financed in part by George Soros to purchase 18 Spanish-language radio stations around the country, reports revealed this week – including historic anti-communist Miami station Radio Mambí. The purchase, which still requires FCC approval, is an attempt to stem the tide of Hispanic-Americans voting for Republicans based on cultural conservative values and a growing disdain for the failed presidency of Joe Biden – or, as one of the executives in charge of the purchase described it, to combat “disinformation.” If approved, the deal would put the 18 radio stations in the hands of a newly minted left-wing organization called the “Latino Media Network,” headed by alums of the Obama White House and advocacy groups tied to Mark Zuckerberg. While the Cuban-American community in Miami has reacted with alarm – Cuban exile leaders have scheduled a press conference on Wednesday at the Bay of Pigs Museum to express “great concern” at the situation – the attempt appears to be a retread of Univisión’s initial attempt at selling left-leaning talk radio to Hispanic Americans. Univisión, whose news broadcasts tend to promote leftist viewpoints, initially attempted to turn many of the AM radio stations into talk news outlets, but ultimately gave up on the plan and switched to music in 2015. Florida’s WLRN-FM reported late last week that the “Latino Media Network” had “signed a ‘definitive agreement’ to buy the stations for $60 million. The media startup has launched after raising an initial $80 million.” The station confirmed the news with Univisión.

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