Sons of El Chapo Use TikTok to Promote Brand, Merchandise

While on Most Wanted lists in the U.S. for drug trafficking and money laundering charges, the sons of jailed kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman are influencing a merchandising campaign throughout Mexico.

In recent days, the Sinaloa Cartel faction known as La Chapiza made international headlines after they took part in a fierce shootout with Mexican military forces trying to prevent the arrest of one of their leaders, Ovidio “El Raton” Guzman Lopez. In response to the capture, La Chapiza laid siege to the city of Culiacan.

Despite their brutality, the Chapizas continue to gain influence each day with a new angle: branded merchandise sold directly and with retail partners.

Iván Archivaldo, Jesús Alfredo, Joaquín, and Ovidio Guzmán, better known as Los Chapitos, are following their father’s footsteps in establishing a lifestyle brand beyond crime. Online retailers offer hats, t-shirts, stickers, and other items alluding to the Chapiza.

According to the World Trademark Database since 2010, there have been 27 registrations granted for the name “El Chapo” in Denmark, France, the Philippines, and the USA. In Mexico, there are four records for the drug lord’s name held by his daughter, Alejandrina Gisselle Guzman Salazar.


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