Social Workers Receive Education Credits for ‘Recovery from White Conditioning’ Training

A webinar series for social workers titled “Recovery from White Conditioning” was held by the University of Minnesota and the Center for Practice Transformation.

The series focused on how participants could become allies and purge themselves of internalized white supremacy. 

The description explained that the “Model of Recovery from White Conditioning” is “a derivative work based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.” It also says that the session intends to “call forward white people to recover and reclaim our full humanity.”

The session, which occurred in 2020, is intended for social workers, who can receive 1.5 continuing education credits. Continuing education credits allow workers to maintain their licenses.

The associated powerpoint presentation articulated the aim of the session. It stated that the goal is to “decenter whiteness.” It continued to say that “in this model, we center it… differently, to expose and transform it.”

Early in the session, presenter Cristina Combs discussed “the face of white supremacy.” She showed images of a KKK member, marchers in Charlottesville, and the movie “American History X.” Her next slide, however, which was still titled “the face of white supremacy,” showed a picture of herself. 


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