Soccer Player Claims Pro-Palestinian Mob in NYC Threatened to Kill Him if He Was Jewish

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Luca Robert Lewis, a member of pro soccer team the New York Red Bulls, claims that his life was threatened by Palestinian supporters on a visit to New York City on Thursday. Lewis told his social media followers that “6-8 Palestinian men” brandishing knives approached him, asked if he was Jewish, and then threatened to kill him if he was. The MLS player took to Instagram to tell his tale as a warning to others. “Last night I was walking in New York with a friend and all of a sudden a group of 6-8 Palestinian men walk up to me and asked me where I was from. I responded and said ‘New York.’ Then one guy asks me if I am Jewish,” Lewis said in the post. “I paused for a moment in confusion and thought about it, then I saw them withdrawing knives. I obviously said no. The guy looked at me with such disgust in his eyes and said ‘Good.’ As I started walking away, I felt extremely angry and felt like I had to say something,” Lewis continued.