So, She’s a Prostitute?… Woman Suing Rudy Giuliani for Sexual Harassment Admits She Was Hired to “Satisfy His Sexual Demands”

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A woman who “worked for” Rudy Giuliani is suing the former NYC Mayor for sexual harassment and wage theft. Noelle Dunphy, 43, alleged in her lawsuit that Rudy Giuliani, 78, hired her in January 2019 to help him with ‘business development’ and offered her a $1 million a year salary. Dunphy claimed in the 70-page complaint that Rudy Giuliani never paid her the salary he promised her. Dunphy and Giuliani apparently had a “romantic relationship” while Giuliani was going through a divorce and now the woman is suing for $10 million in damages!

The Daily News reported, “He was constantly pressuring her, making sexual comments, sexual remarks, to her, about her, about himself. When they were supposed to be working he would, as our client alleges, he would then grope her and try to initiate sexual contact,” Dunphy’s attorney Justin Kelton said.

As Cristina Laila reported earlier –A rep for Giuliani said the Dunphy is just trying to extort the former NYC Mayor. “Giuliani’s representative, who asked not to be named so they could speak candidly, said he dated Dunphy for a while, but denied she was employed by him or his entities.” New York Daily News reported.

According to Giuliani’s rep, Dunphy and Giuliani dated for a while…now she wants $10 million. She admits that “satisfying his sexual demands” was part of her employment.

From The Daily News: “He made clear that satisfying his sexual demands — which came virtually anytime, anywhere — was an absolute requirement of her employment and of his legal representation. Giuliani began requiring Ms. Dunphy to work at his home and out of hotel rooms, so that she would be at his beck and call. He drank morning, noon, and night, and was frequently intoxicated, and therefore his behavior was always unpredictable,” reads the suit, alleging he “took Viagra constantly.”

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