So Much for Privilege: White Working Class Boys to Fall Even Further Behind In Education

The post-lockdown British education system will likely see white working-class boys falling even further behind compared to children from other backgrounds, one expert has said.

In the wake of two years of on-and-off Wuhan virus lockdowns, white working-class boys are likely to be the biggest losers when it comes to education, with one expert predicting that this year’s state exam results will show the demographic falling even further behind when it comes to university admissions.

White boys from working-class backgrounds already appeared systematically disadvantaged in the British education system, being 50 per cent less likely to earn strong grades in state exams compared to other equally poor children of different ethnicities, while white pupils as a whole in Britain have suffered the lowest entry rate into university institutions since 2007.

According to a report by The Times, things are likely to go from bad to worse, with the highly competitive post-lockdown rush for university places looking set to see disadvantaged young white boys fall even further behind the pack as the government battles to quash rapid grade inflation from the coronavirus era.

“We need to recognise that white working-class boys now suffer some of the lowest university participation rates compared with any other groups,” social mobility professor Lee Elliot Major told the publication, emphasising that children from poor backgrounds had been disproportionally harmed by lockdown when it came to educational opportunity.


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