SAVAGE SAID IT FIRST – Smiley-face ‘liberalism’. No, fascism!

Fox News:

This guy calls it ‘smiley-face liberalism’ but we all know it is ‘smiley-face fascism’ as SAVAGE SAID WEEKS AGO (The Savage Nation Podcast April 29, 2020)

The left-wing protest movement sweeping the country has been decades in the making, fueled in part by liberal college campuses, Wall Street Journal columnist Dan Henninger said Thursday.

Speaking to host Ed Henry on “America’s Newsroom,” Henninger said many Americans have been “stunned” to see protesters calling for monuments to Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ulysses S. Grant to be removed.

“They can’t imagine where this came from,” said Henninger, who argued that the “seeds of cancel culture” were planted on campuses for the last 30 years and mostly ignored.

“The progressives are saying ‘you work for us, get out of the way, Joe Biden, get out of the way, Nancy Pelosi, we are taking over.’ And people like Nancy Pelosi are basically saying ‘no problem.'”

In his latest op-ed, the deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page described the movement as “smiley face liberalism.” Henninger said “the quick collapse of America’s elites under this left-wing offensive is striking and a historic event,” but questioned whether a backlash is coming.

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