Six Ways The Black Community Is Hurt By Democrat Policies


In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative review six policies and narratives supported by Democrats that do irreparably more harm than good for blacks, even though the latter still vote 90-95% consistently for the former. #6: Lack of School Choice Parker: The entire Obama family summarizes the power of school choice for individual families and the sheer hypocrisy of Democrats’ personal actions versus public policies. Barack Obama lived with his grandmother in Hawaii in order to attend the best private high school. Michelle Obama detailed her long bus rides to escape the hellscape of urban schools. Their daughters attended both private Chicago schools and later the famous Sidwell Friends while living in Washington, D.C. It is difficult to understate how such enormous educational experiences better prepared the elder Obamas for their life of influence, power, and wealth. This is true of both the learning opportunities and the subsequent connections made while at prestigious institutions. The daughters have likewise grown up with a life of privilege known only to a select few. Shame on them for denying access to better schooling for the common folk. Now, in and of itself, the ability to attend whatever school is moot. Studies show that home life, particularly at the youngest ages, has the greatest impact on child development, with everything ranging from language acquisition to a moral code becoming developed by caregivers. In terms of higher education, most kids come out of college dumber than when they arrived, thanks entirely to the dumbed-down curriculum and emphasis on social justice indoctrination, so getting turned down by Stanford might be a good thing in the long run. However, elementary and secondary educational experiences nonetheless offer a chance to many on-the-fence or “bubble” kids from falling in with the wrong crowd, getting turned off of studies and hard work, or otherwise slipping through the cracks of an unforgiving system. This is all especially true in the black, urban centers of America. Without a doubt, no one in their right mind would willfully send their son or daughter to an inner-city school replete with regular classroom disruptions at best and gang violence at worst. Black families with no other options, though, have to send their little ones to a neighborhood or community school. Michelle didn’t want to deal with it; why should everyone else?


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