Six French tourists, two others, killed in ambush at African giraffe reserve

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Fox News:

Six French tourists visiting a giraffe reserve in West Africa were killed Sunday in an ambush carried out by suspected terrorists on motorcycles, according to reports.

Two others were also killed in the bloody attack—a local tour guide and a driver.

It happened in Niger in the Koure Giraffe Reserve in Niger. The region attracts foreign tourists who want to see the last herds of giraffe in West Africa, according to the BBC.

But the area is also home to several militant groups including Boko Haram, according to the BBC. Other terror groups that operate in Koure have links to Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Agence France-Presse confirmed the attack after speaking to the governor of the Tillaberi region Tidjani Ibrahim Katiella.

“We are managing the situation, we will give more information later,” he said.

The news outlet also reported interviewing a source with ties to the Niger government who said that most of the victims had been shot.

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