Sit. Stay. Speak! Counter-protestors BARK at Trump supporters like rabid dogs

Biz Pac Review:

The Trump-hating left has apparently run out of words to express hatred of the president and resorted to simply barking like dogs.

President Donald Trump’s supporters in California were confronted by protesters barking at them as they held a rally in Claremont on Saturday.  Video footage from the event showed the baffling counter-protest as unhinged leftists literally barked at Trump supporters.

Holding signs such as one saying “Grab Him By The Ballot,” young protesters wearing face masks screeched at those holding the pro-Trump rally over the weekend, as could be seen in video captured and shared by Tomas Morales on Twitter.

The pro-Trump demonstrators were also harassed by those expressing their anger in hand gestures as they drove by.

Claremont students had reportedly tweeted out messages in support of protests, according to The Claremont Independent, and one student from Pitzer college had even urged Twitter followers to “go invade the trump rally on foothill blvd and indian hill in claremont !!! f**k these fools.”

“Political rallies are the new sports,” Morales tweeted in his thread of video posts which included one video of Trump supporters cheering when police told counter-protesters to clear the street.

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