Signs Placed on Trump Supporters’ Lawns in San Diego County

At least three families in the San Diego County town of Coronado, California woke up Wednesday morning to find that signs saying “Racism Live Here: Make America Great Again” had been placed on their lawns overnight. They had one thing in common – they had Trump signs or flags in their front yards.

As seen in the tweet above, it looks like actual Trump/Pence signs were used and modified.

Coronado Island is located across the San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego and is home to Naval Base Coronado, a consortium of eight Navy installations and is also home to four SEAL teams.

A spokeswoman for the city’s police department said that there was no crime committed by placing the unwanted signs on people’s lawns, but that the department is reviewing security camera footage provided by some of the homeowners.

There might not have been a crime committed, but does anyone believe for one second that the investigation would be entirely different, and the publicity afforded to it multiplied exponentially, had the signs been actual racist signs placed on the lawns of black or Latino families?


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