‘Significantly brave’ bystanders use chairs and a milk crate to trap man on stabbing rampage in Sydney

Greenwich Time:

The blood-spattered man climbed atop a Mercedes-Benz at a stoplight in downtown Sydney and held a knife in the air. He’d already stabbed one woman at a nearby hotel, police later said, and tried to attack others in the busy commercial district on Tuesday.

That’s when a bystander, armed only with a wooden chair, jumped into action. Others quickly helped. Soon, the civilians subdued the attacker, pinning him to the pavement with chairs and a milk crate until police arrived.

“They were significantly brave people,” New South Wales Police Superintendent Gavin Wood told reporters at the crime scene. “To approach a person with a mind set of obviously what this person did, with clear evidence of a stabbing previously, these people are heroes.”

Police have identified the attacker as Mert Ney, 21, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Authorities told the newspaper they do not consider the attack to be terrorism-related, but they are investigating. Ney had a history of mental health issues, the Morning Herald reported.

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