SICKTOK:Inside TikTok’s sickening rise in animal abuse videos as cats are strangled, slapped & scared…


WITHIN seconds, a clip of a woman stroking a cat to the beat of Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody went from a touching moment to apparent abuse.

The individual, who The Sun has chosen not to name, aggressively slapped her cat on its face and body while the petrified pet bared its teeth and cowered in pain.

In another video, which received 20,000 likes, a woman throttled her cat

Two commenters wrote in response to the vile video, which has been liked 105,000 times, “l laughed so much” and “LMFAO snot flew, help!”.

But for animal charities, this is no laughing matter.

They claim clips like these, found through popular hashtags, are “normalising violence” against pets and encouraging abuse.

Millions around the nation were outraged after The Sun revealed footage of West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma, 27, kicking his cat.

Yet plenty of similar videos exist online — and the numbers are increasing by the day.


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