Shocking moment migrants waving Venezuelan flag ATTACK CBP officers with rocks during ugly riot in El Paso

A group of Venezuelan migrants have attacked Border Patrol agents with rocks during an ugly riot in El Paso after they crossed the US-Mexico border, as the crisis on America’s border deepens.

Video shows Border Patrol agents firing pepper balls at the group of migrants after they threw rocks at them as they crossed the Rio Grande river and tried to enter the US illegally.

Footage shows the group, which included a man holding a very large Venezuelan flag, standing in front of the border patrol agents after they crossed the river at around 12.20pm local time on Monday. 

One of the migrants assaulted an agent with a flag pole, while a second person injured another officer after they threw rocks at them, Border Patrol spokesperson Landon Hutchens said.

The agents responded by running towards the migrants and firing pepper balls, which release an irritant to the eyes, nose and throat, at them. 

Video shows the Venezuelan migrants rushing to cross back over the river but they crowded again on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

Border Patrol agents fired more pepper balls at them and the crowd eventually dispersed and returned to Mexico.


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