Shocking moment a police officer bodyslams a woman in an Alabama Walmart ‘for refusing to wear a face mask’ amid the coronavirus pandemic

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Woman was slammed onto the ground by a police officer for reportedly not wearing a face mask

Incident took place at a Walmart store in Birmingham, Alabama, on Tuesday

Officer appeared to use mace spray on the woman’s friends when they became upset

Walmart has encouraged shoppers to wear face masks while inside stores to stop the spread of COVID-19

Alabama has 8,112 confirmed cases and a death toll of 298

A police officer in Alabama body-slammed a woman inside a Walmart store after she allegedly refused to wear a face mask. The alarming scene unfolded inside a store in the Roebuck neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama, on Tuesday. A resident who captured the the incident on her cell phone said the situation quickly spiraled out of control when the woman would not wear a face mask. Cell phone footage of the incident shows an officer attempting to restrain the woman while her friend yells in outrage. Suddenly, the officer places a hand around her left leg, lifts her up and unceremoniously slams her onto the ground. The woman’s face collides with the tile floor, prompting witnesses to gasp in shock. The friend became irate as the officer proceeds to restrain the woman on the ground.