SHOCK VIDEO: Thieves Smash Up NYC Jewelry Store in Million-Dollar Heist

Masked thieves made off with around $2 million in jewelry during a smash-and-grab robbery at a store in New York City this week, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded at around 5 p.m. on Sunday in Brooklyn.

Three suspects wearing hoodies and face coverings stormed Facets Jewelry in the Park Slope neighborhood and threatened to shoot employees before smashing display cases and grabbing merchandise.

Surveillance footage shows one suspect being buzzed into the shop as two accomplices wait out of view.

The first suspect holds the door open for the others and they enter together.

“This is how you use a hammer,” one of the suspects reportedly said and began bashing glass cases.

“Don’t move! What the f**k are you doing? I’m going to shoot you!’” one of the suspects yelled at an employee who reached for a phone.

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