SHOCK VIDEO: Rideshare Driver Fights Off Carjackers With Gun to His Head

A rideshare driver survived a recent armed robbery in Texas after a gun was pressed to his head, according to authorities.

The terrifying incident unfolded in Houston at around 11 a.m. on October 18, but police just released footage of the crime in hopes of obtaining more information.

A driver responded to a request for pickup at a restaurant in the city.

Two males in hoodies entered his vehicle, one of whom was wearing a medical mask.

The customer then changed the drop-off location to an apartment complex once the ride had begun, the victim told police.

When they arrived at the drop spot, the masked suspect pulled a handgun and pressed it against the driver’s head while demanding he exit the vehicle, dashcam footage appears to show.

“Get out before I kill you,” the armed suspect warned repeatedly.


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