Shin Bet head’s warning reminiscent of ’95 prior to Rabin murder


It’s strange that Argaman and Hamburger released warnings just as, on the eve of Rabin’s assassination, Shin Bet head Karmi Gilon and the same psychologist released quieter warnings that didn’t work.

The Shin Bet chief’s announcement regarding the need to lower the flames and incitement on social media, and his call for political leaders to take the initiative to reduce tensions, does not surprise anyone familiar with the Shin Bet’s monitoring of the state of incitement in Israel. Nadav Argaman personally monitors the issue, created a special task force that conducts situational assessments often and defined the effort to prevent political assassination in Israel as a top priority. Argaman’s fears, which have been growing throughout the past two years, have reached an all-time high in the past few weeks based on information that the Shin Bet analyzes around the clock. Throughout the past year, due to the rising level of incitement on social networks, the Shin Bet’s assessment that someday someone will try to harm one of the demonstrators or protesters against the Netanyahu government has grown. In contrast to the political echelon, from the prime minister and to the president, the opposition head and other threatened leaders, the subject has been entirely abandoned on the ground. The Shin Bet monitors various threats and recognizes a consistent growth in their severity. At the personal instruction of Argaman some of the Shin Bet’s sensors were redirected to this subject, and Argaman personally supervises it.

For the Shin Bet, the murder of a protester in Israel based on ideology is a political assassination in every way and is therein within the organization’s jurisdiction.


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