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NYC Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan blames Ukraine for Russian invasion

She’s blamed the victim! Hard-left City Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan took to Twitter on Friday to say who she believes is responsible for Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine — and it’s Ukraine. It’s the latest in a string of controversial remarks from the freshman Harlem lawmaker. “Had Washington and Brussels taken Russia’s security concerns seriously this war wouldn’t be happening,” she claimed. “No country wants or deserves to have foreign powers placing missiles right on its borders.” “In 2014, the US helped overthrow Ukraine’s democratically elected leader in an illegal coup, helped install a fascist government and empowered a far-right military all with the goal of destabilizing Russia,” she added. “The US has been sending the Ukrainian military weapons ($650M in military assistance this past year alone) which have ended up in the hands of neo-nazi militias like the Azov Battalion.” She was heavily criticized during her first month in office, in January, for repeatedly offering her condolences to the dead cop-killer who murdered two police officers in her district. Many of the tweets sent by Richardson Jordan were nearly identical to baseless claims made by Russia’s authoritarian leader, Vladimir Putin, and other top officials at the Kremlin in recent weeks.

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