She was catching a flight in Florida. Then TSA noticed her ‘emotional support’ snake

Snake on a plane? Almost.

This isn’t the plot of a sequel to the action flick. Last month, a woman traveling through Tampa International Airport attempted to stow her boa constrictor in her carry-on luggage, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

A TSA tweet shows the X-ray of the four-foot creature that passed through the screening machine passengers must navigate before getting to the gate.

The reptile is lit up in orange, coiled up into a figure eight. Nearby are images of a laptop and two pairs of shoes.

The agency said that after the snake was discovered, the pet owner was called out of the line. She reportedly told guards that the boa constrictor, named Barthomolew, was “her emotional support pet.”

“Our officers at Tampa International Airport didn’t find this hyssssssterical!” said the post, which explained that her airline was notified and neither she nor Bartholomew was allowed to fly.

In a more lengthy Instagram post, the TSA included even more images of the critter, which it affectionately calls a “danger noodle.”

“Wait for it,” read the text over screen, with a scared-eye emoji.


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